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Understanding Online Real Estate Lending As An Investment Strategy

About Chrissey Breault

Chrissey is the Director of Marketing & Member Services for the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL.) before joining AAPL, Chrissey worked in county government as a communications expert, where she delivered a research and insight based approach, combined with blow-your-brains out enthusiasm, expertly weighted to produce maximum awesomeness – while relentlessly bringing measurable results to constituents and colleagues on a regional and state level. Her 15+ years in communications and marketing started in the hospitality industry with Hilton and Marriot brands. For over seven years, Chrissey managed midmarket hotels along the east coast and even in the deep south. She blames her successes in hotel management on being part of Generation X. She excels at creating definition around the undefined and creating consistencies where they are needed most. She was the youngest female general manager in the company’s history, maintained the highest service scores at each property, and significantly reduced employee turnover rates all while maintaining enthusiastic professional courtesy. The results landed her Employee of the Year twice as well as several other customer service awards. She holds an associate degree in Hospitality & Travel from Bradford School in Pittsburgh, PA, and Certifications in Adobe Web Design and Volunteer Management. Chrissey lives in the Kansas City area with one good dog and one rotten dog.

Understanding Online Real Estate Lending As An Investment Strategy

Investors are always on a quest to grow capital while minimizing risk. Available options for investors looking to grow their capital include stock investments, debt products, or leaving their cash in checking and savings accounts to earn minimal returns. But as average profits from residential flips reach all-time records, investing in residential real estate remains […]

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New Direction IRA hires new Director of Investor Services

New Direction IRA, Inc. (NDIRA) is pleased to announce the hiring of Ryan Griffiths as its Director of Investor Services, a newly-created position with the company. As a Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP), he will bring essential industry expertise to NDIRA. With increased global tensions, stock market volatility and concerns over asset bubbles, more investors […]

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American Association of Private Lenders announces its new Education Advisory Committee

American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) is pleased to announce the formation of its new Education Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of five current members: Corey Dutton, Private Money Utah; Chris Ragland, Noble Capital; Andy Williams, Recon Realty Inc.; Erica LaCentra, RCN Capital; Jeff Levin, Specialty Lending Group; and one ex officio position, Nema […]

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Think Realty’s National Convention & Expo to educate, inspire investors in Baltimore

Think Realty will hold a National Conference & Expo, June 24 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Real estate investors, agents, lenders, property flippers, landlords and note buyers will learn how to navigate current market legal challenges, find and fund the best deals in the Baltimore market, optimize returns, connect with private lenders, and more. Notable […]

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Fannie Mae Announces Results of its Third Reperforming Loan Sale Transaction

Fannie Mae (OTC Bulletin Board: FNMA) today announced the results of its third reperforming loan sale transaction. The deal, which was announced on May 10, 2017, included the sale of approximately 13,500 loans totaling $2.99 billion in unpaid principal balance (UPB), divided into three pools. The winning bidder of all three pools for the […]

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InstaLend expands to three new states

InstaLend announced successful growth of its real estate crowdfunding platform, expanding to Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Georgia. As of June 1, 2017, investors in these three states, as well as New Jersey, will be able to participate in passive residential real estate investments through InstaLend’s online crowdfunding platform.

Founded in 2016, InstaLend has experienced rapid growth in […]

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Time for Executives to Improve their Public Relations Skills

Public relations nightmares have taken over our social feeds and media commentaries. In doing so, it has proven there is a huge gap between chief executive officers and their public relations people – whether on staff or hired from an outside agency. A clear majority of those in leadership positions don’t understand what PR people […]

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Money360 Closes $45M in Commercial Real Estate Loans Break Monthly Record

Marketplace lender surpasses $250 million in total closed loans
Money360, the leading commercial real estate marketplace lending platform, closed more than $45 million in loans in April, the company announced today. This brings the company’s total production to over $250 million in closed loans, with an expected $500 million in transactions by year-end. Money360’s recent loan […]

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ABS Announces Flexible SaaS Subscriptions for The Mortgage Office® and The Loan Office®

Applied Business Software (“ABS”) announced the availability of powerful cloud-based solutions for its flagship products The Mortgage Office® and The Loan Office® to help companies transition to the Cloud. The cloud-based versions are licensed on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

The SaaS versions will provide a lower entry cost, a secured, managed, cloud-based solution, with a concurrent […]

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CIVIC Hires Champion of Simplicity

Merced Cohen named Director of Operations at CIVIC Financial Services
CIVIC Financial Services has hired efficiency expert and creative leader, Merced Cohen, to direct the company’s operations. After spending the last 10 years deconstructing and relentlessly improving the loan process at Skyline Financial Corporation, Ms. Cohen has joined CIVIC as the Director of Operations with a […]

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