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Lender Limelight, Private Lender

Lender Limelight with Spencer Bakst: The Finance Industry’s MVP

Spencer Bakst leads his team through education and care First and Ten Since childhood, Spencer Bakst had set his... more
AAPL Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight | Chris Fuelling

We don't often get to know the personal side of some of the bigger names in our business Chris Fuelling, CEO of... more
Last Call, Private Lender

Last Call with Alex Sifakis: Getting Stuff Done, Despite Yourself

I am incapable of managing people My focus shifts so quickly that people end up with workflow whiplash I cannot... more
Event News, Fair Housing/Lending, Legislation, News Story

Barney Frank to Speak at Largest Private Lending Conference

American Association of Private Lenders to host former congressman as keynote speaker The American Association of... more
Market Trends, Private Lender

Understanding Housing Market Shifts

Long-term rentals offer investors an attractive opportunity House flippers have had a long and profitable run during... more

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