Spring and summer is the perfect time to take a look at the trees on your property. During the winter months they are under high stress from ice and snow, so it is important to check how they fared during the cold.

Trim back healthy branches so they do not brush your property’s exterior and remove any dead limbs. Not only will this improve the trees health, but it will also reduce the likelihood that strong storms will send a limb through your roof or window. If you are unsure if a limb is dead or alive, check for buds; dead branches will not have any.

Keeping the lawn mowed and the shrubs trimmed actually does have an effect on your insurance claims. Tall grass is one of the most obvious visual clues that a property is not being occupied, which could lead to potential vandals and thieves. Taking the time to mow the lawn also gives you an opportunity to take a quick visual inspection of your property’s exterior and notice if there is anything else that needs fixing.

JJ Pawlowski, a reputable member of the hard money lending and real estate investing community, shows us the benefits of keeping your yards in check and how they should look. Watch here: