Private Lender AAPL Member Spotlight | Erica LaCentra

/Private Lender AAPL Member Spotlight | Erica LaCentra

AAPL Member Spotlight | Erica LaCentra

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Erica LaCentra, Director of Marketing for RCN Capital joined RCN in 2013. Her efforts have rapidly expanded RCN’s customer base while rapidly elevating the company to a national brand. She handles the creation of all things RCN, speaks on marketing topics at industry events and serves on AAPL’s inaugural Education Advisory Committee. When she’s not focused on all-things private lending, she loves to cook and has a dream of opening her own exclusive supper club.

Learn more about Erica:

How long have you been an AAPL member? 

Four Years

What AAPL benefit do you MOST value?        

Annual Conference

Why did you become a member?

To have better opportunities to network with other professionals in the industry and to gain access to higher quality industry education.

What is your favorite AAPL memory?

It’s really hard to pick just one favorite AAPL memory, but I’d have to say the first time I got to attend the Annual Conference in 2016. RCN had been attending since 2013 so it was incredible to finally be able to meet with people that I had emailed and called over the previous 3 years (shout out to Chrissey & Linda!) and experience the event for myself.

Why did you decide to enter the private lending profession?

I like to think that I didn’t choose the private lending profession, it chose me since the way I found my way to RCN Capital was through a serious of completely serendipitous events.

What are some accomplishments you are particularly proud of?

Climbing my way up from an entry level receptionist to the director of marketing for a nationally recognized brand in only 5 years. Also winning AAPL’s 2017 Member of Year award was a particularly proud moment for me.

 What is your favorite book, and why?

The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry by Jon Ronson. Getting to see inside the minds of psychopaths is both terrifying and fascinating. Getting to see that from the perspective of a quiet, British writer with anxiety about being around psychopaths makes it even better.


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