Private Lender Member Spotlight | Ted Parker

/Private Lender Member Spotlight | Ted Parker

Member Spotlight | Ted Parker

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Each day the New York Stock Exchange opens and closes with a ring of “The Bell.”It takes a special someone to wrangle the opportunity regardless, but it’s nearly impossible if you’re not a company directly listed on the NYSE.

On April 28, 2014, Ted Parker, senior vice president at Millennium Trust Company, was that special someone — a feat he engineered while working for a registered investment advisor purchased by Charles Schwab.

Read on for more factoids to bring up with Ted:

How long have you been an AAPL member?

2 years.

What AAPL benefit do you MOST value?

What I value most is the AAPL Annual Conference where members share ideas.

Why did you become a member?

I joined AAPL to connect with leaders in the private lending space, which had become a global force where entrepreneurs around the world get together.

What is your favorite AAPL memory?

My favorite memory was being asked to me a member of the inaugural AAPL Government Relations Committee.

Why did you decide to enter the private lending profession?

I was an early investor in the private lending space and helped several friends start companies that in a short number of years have processed billions of dollars of short-term loans. These loans have benefited investors with equity-like income and provided borrows quick access to cash to “fix and flip” properties.

What are some accomplishments you are particularly proud of?

Back in 2009 when I worked as an RIA with Lido Advisors, Kevin Miller came to us with an offer to earn 11% on a short-term loan on a home in Beverly Hills owned by an actress who was in between jobs. We suggested Kevin start a fund to diversify the risk, and today his company Thorofare Capital has originated over $1.96 billion in 1st TD notes based in commercial real estate. My family and I have been investors ever since Thorofore was founded in 2010. We are now in Fund V and continue to earn attractive short-term yields.

What is your favorite book, and why?

My favorite book is by Bob Rice of Bloomberg titled: “The Alternative Answer.” Most institutions allocate 53% of their portfolio. Most individual investors and advisors as well have zero. Since the 2012 passage of the JOBS Act, we can now invest in the same type of investments that institutions invest in to improve performance while at the same time reducing risk!


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By |2019-06-03T14:12:21+00:00June 3rd, 2019|AAPL Member Spotlight|0 Comments

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