Our Webinar Policies

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Webinar proposals are not guaranteed to be accepted. We give preference to active AAPL members who submit proposals that best relate to current issues of interest to our private lender audience.

Our acceptance of a proposal is based on the topic content and the presenters named at the time of submission. Any changes to content or speakers must be conveyed to AAPL at least three days before the webinar’s scheduled date. We reserve the right to determine the suitability of presenters and presentation content.

By submitting a proposal, you:

  1. Consent to AAPL staff contacting you regarding this and other potentially relevant marketing opportunities.
  2. Agree that AAPL may record, reproduce, publish and/or make available for purchase the webinar in whole or in part with proper credit.
  3. Authorize that you have the authority to consent to our webinar policies on behalf of all presenters.

Our Responsibilities

We will:

  1. Work with you to finalize the webinar content.
  2. Promote the webinar through: email campaigns, our online event calendar, social media, and our newsletter.
  3. Moderate the webinar and introduce presenters.
  4. Post the recorded webinar on our website after the event.

Content Guidelines

One month before your chosen webinar date, please provide us with a PowerPoint that includes:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Names, titles and photos of presenters.

Content Guidelines:

  1. PowerPoints must follow our PowerPoint template provided to you.
  2. Presenters should be experts on the topic being presented and able to answer questions related to the presentation’s content.
  3. You may have up to three presenters on the webinar.
  4. The beginning of the presentation is the best time for one of the presenters to briefly describe your company’s work.
  5. Content must be educational in nature. Presentations that are primarily sales pitches turn off participant and reflect poorly on the presenter(s).
  6. Refer to products and/or services in generic terms (e.g., “data dashboard” instead of a specific company’s data dashboard).

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