Private Lender Six Figures in Six Minutes.

/Private Lender Six Figures in Six Minutes.

Six Figures in Six Minutes.

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Funding Your Next Deal through Enhanced Retirement Accounts

Can anything compete with the U.S. National Debt? While the $22 Trillion is a comically large number and marginal deficit ($45,486 per second, yikes!) of little benefit to the average American, there is an ally out there with twelve zeros that can materially impact your life – the Individual Retirement Account.

How are IRAs being used today? Why is this changing? A majority of the $9.5T in individual retirement accounts (more commonly known as IRAs) is “stuck” in stocks and bonds. This is of little surprise, as many people simply transfer their old 401(k) into a rollover IRA, assuming that they are limited to a small number of stocks, bonds, and funds.

That said, people are getting skittish on the backend of this bull market, and many bonds returns remain stagnant with a flat yield curve.

Secondly, more folks are pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz (i.e. high fee funds, advisors that still charge based on asset balance), now openly questioning if they can generate similar – or greater – returns, with complete transparency into their investments. Finally, there is a cultural shift, as the average American demands options, control, and speed. The days of the 60/40 (60% stocks/40% bonds) “set it and forget it” are over!

How can SDIRAs benefit the real estate community? As there is an increased desire, and at times demand, for assets that you can literally see and touch on a daily basis, individual investors are awakening to take back their share of the “forgotten trillions”.

Concurrently, there is an astronomical opportunity ($9,500,000,000,000 and growing) for deal sponsors who simply inform their audience that they may use their retirement dollars to participate in (the sponsor’s)
next deal.

Deal sponsors, along with other fundraisers, need to simply inform their current and future investors and lenders that they may rollover funds from a traditional IRA into a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) or Self-Directed
Solo 401(k). Once informed, the individual is now empowered to invest (or lend) as much of their “old IRA”
funds into your next deal.

Is raising funds from enhanced retirement accounts really this easy? Yes! Real estate is the most common asset type across the $116B in SDIRAs, and has been for the past forty years since SDIRAs were created and legalized in the 1970s.

Individuals may also signup for a SDIRA or Solo 401(k) in as little as 5 minutes, with the account fully funded
(and dollars in your pocket) within 7 days.

To note: The deal sponsor should neither incur any fees, nor have to provide additional paperwork to a third party. The sponsor should simply receive a check, regardless if the funds come from the investor’s piggy
bank checking account or her Solo 401(k).

“Six Figures in Six Minutes” Six minutes of your time should generate six figures of new funds. Using data from a real world example of a well-known figure in the Geraci community, let’s assume that your audience (i.e. distribution list) is 100 investors that expressed interest in your offering.

On your next monthly newsletter you include a brief paragraph informing your audience that they may use their retirement funds to invest in your next deal. Half your audience opens and reads your email as they are excited about your offering. Of these 50 folks, 80% were previously unaware about a Solo 401(k) or SDIRA.

Now amongst the 40 individuals, (at least) 10 will give serious thought, with 3-5 likely tapping into their “old retirement” dollars to write you a check. Best of all, for one or two of these folks (e.g. using his liquid funds
to pay for private school tuition), the SDIRA or Solo 401(k) may be the only funds available to invest in your next deal.

In summary, in less than six minutes, you educated and empowered your investor, with your investor expressing
gratitude for guiding them to take back their share of the “forgotten trillions”, now sending you a check or wire for your next deal.

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