Consumer Laws That Apply to Business Purpose Loans


About this webinar In this webinar, we will discuss the various federal consumer protection laws that still apply to business purpose loans. Many private and non-conventional lenders are unaware that while their loans are exempt from most federal regulations, they still must comply with certain consumer laws. This includes the [...]

The New Alternative to Rule 506: Reg A+


About this webinar Join the American Association of Private Lenders and Geraci Law Firm to learn about a new alternative to Regulation D: “Regulation A+”. Learn what you should know to use Regulation A+ to raise capital in ways that were off-limits under Regulation D. You’ll gain valuable insight into [...]

What Private Lenders Need to Know about Bankruptcy


About this webinar In today’s unstable business climate, bankruptcy is (unfortunately) a part of doing business. Just ask Donald Trump…or Radio Shack! Here is just a sample of some questions that will be answered in the one-hour session – be sure to register to have your questions answered as well! [...]

Real Estate Foreclosure & Loss Mitigation


About this webinar Join the American Association of Private Lenders and Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A. to learn how to make the foreclosure process as smooth as possible by taking a walk through the legal procedures and options for you. You’ll gain valuable insight of the real estate foreclosure [...]