Evolving with the Modern Market


About this webinar Competing on a whole new level. Navigating the customer expectations, building strategic solutions and elevating your capability in servicing and funding. Attend this webinar, presented by Don Pelgrim, CEO of Wilshire Finance Partners, to learn about: The Evolving Borrower Using Technology to provide strengths to bridge and [...]

Private Lending for Self-Directed IRAs


About this webinar This AAPL webinar presented by New Direction IRA provides a strategic map of how self-directed IRAs interact with the private lending marketplace. The presentation outlines how self-directed IRAs can be effectively utilized by both private lenders and borrowers.

Tax Advantaged Private Lending


About this webinar Austin Halloway of NuView IRA will discuss in this 30 minute webinar how you can lend money from your retirement account and pay no taxes in the process. You will learn: How private lending can be accomplished from an IRA, giving the lender large tax savings. How [...]

Structuring Creative Private Money Loans


About this webinar This webinar, presented by Brent Truscott with Bloomfield Capital, discusses the benefits of private money loans for real estate owners and operators. Oftentimes, private money is the best option when a deal won't qualify for conventional financing in an urgent time frame.

Private Lending from your Self Directed IRA


About this webinar Join the American Association of Private Lenders and NuView IRA to learn how to invest in real estate with your self-directed IRA. Join us to learn about: Learn how to lend money from a retirement account. Discover the opportunities within a self-directed IRA. Case studies of loans [...]

How to Leverage your Lending Dollars


About this webinar Presented by Jim Beam, Lifeway Advisors; Rebecca Rice, Rebecca Rice & Associates Unlike traditional savings that offer you nearly zero percent interest and only allow your money to be used in one place at a time, this financial tool allows you to make money like the financial [...]

The Essentials of Real Estate Crowdfunding


About this webinar Webinar hosted by the American Association of Private Lenders and presented by Carolann Dekker, Top Dekk Consulting Crowdfunding opens up a wealth of opportunities for real estate investors in multiple markets to gain funding or invest in properties, but it's particularly beneficial for potential real estate investors. [...]

Good vs. Evil of Lending and Investing in ALF


About this webinar Assisted Living Facilities have been the best performing asset class over the past 10 years for private lenders and private equity. Learn why the "big boys" are lending and investing billions of dollars into this asset class right now. Gene Guarino, of the ALF Training Academy, will [...]