Best Practices for Private Loan Brokers


About this webinar Join the American Association of Private Lenders and Kellen Jones, CPC Diversified Fund/FundingDatabase as he shares anecdotes, perspective, and education as a seasoned private loan originator on best practices for private loan brokers. In this webinar, you will learn: General guidelines and expectations lenders have for those [...]

Lending: The Investor’s Perspective


About this webinar In this webinar from Abhi Golhar of Summit & Crowne, you'll learn the investor's perspective on lending, real estate deals and more. Beyond the basics, you'll see real case studies and learn about the tech involved. Learn what works Execute a winning strategy Dominate your next deal [...]

The Quiet Title Training Guide


About this webinar Join the American Association of Private Lenders and Beverly Weber, Martin Leigh Attorneys, for a general overview with practical tips for curing title defects. Join us to learn about: Recognizing title defect Common title defects Practical tips for protecting rights The relationship between title insurer, insured, and [...]

Managing the Risks of the Private Lender


About this webinar Presenters: Steve Clark from Construction Inspection Specialists. Too often, projects go upside down when reasonable oversight - like getting everything in writing - would have saved the day. Even on deals that look completely safe, there are risks that private lenders need to address. [...]