Writers’ Guidelines

Private Lender magazine is a, bi-monthly publication produced by the American Association of Private Lenders for more than 15,000 readers; most of whom are private lending professionals. The magazine reports on all aspects of the national real estate market including; regulations and compliance, loan servicing, market conditions, insurance, small business marketing, appraisals, taxes – just to name a few.


The magazine has 12 sections, including Lender Limelight, Alternative Angle, and Investor’s Point of View. Written in second-person, pieces range in length from 1,500-2,000 words and deal with a wide array of educational issues – some topical, some serious, some light. Feature stories, typically 2,000 word or more, comprise the major part of the magazine. These, too, address a variety of issues appealing to private lending professionals.


Most of the magazine’s content is freelance-written. Less experienced writers may be asked to write on speculation. All copy is subjected to rigorous editing. Submissions should be exclusive to Private Lender and/or the American Association of Private Lenders. Direct, self-promotional submissions will not be accepted.


Private Lender follows a modified AP style. Submissions and assigned stories may be e-mailed to PrivateLender@aaplonline.com in Word format. Photos and/or charts need to be sent as separate attachments to be considered for publication.

Photographs & Illustrations

We do not buy photos from writers. Photos and illustrations are assigned to professionals as needed and are chosen by the Editor-in-Chief and/or Director of Marketing. If you are submitting an article please include a high resolution headshot (as a separate file) along with a short bio to be included. For those who are highlighted in the Lender Limelight, we will work with a photographer for you.


The editors are always looking for fresh story ideas. However, the caliber of the magazine and limited times of its publication dictate that the writing meet very high standards. The editors value articles strong in quality, journalistic technique, and substance. Reprints are rarely used. It is imperative that those interested in writing for Private Lender actually read the publication. You may view samples online at www.aaplonline.com/PrivateLender.

Private Lender 2017 Editorial Calendar

March/April 2017 2/1/2017 2/15/2017 3/15/2017
May/June 2017 3/29/2017 4/12/2017 5/17/2017
July/August 2017 5/24/2017 6/14/2017 7/16/2017
Sept/Oct 2017 8/2/2017 8/30/2017 9/20/2017
Nov/Dec. 2017 10/4/2017 10/25/2017 12/15/2017

Private Lender 2018 Editorial Calendar

Jan/Feb 2018 12/6/2017 12/20/2017 1/24/2018
March/April 2018 1/31/2018 2/14/2018 3/14/2018
May/June 2018 3/28/2018 4/11/2018 5/16/2018
July/Aug 2018 5/23/2018 6/23/2018 7/18/2018
Sept/Oct 2018 8/1/2018 8/29/2018 9/26/2018