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AAPL offers four types of membership levels based on desired level or professional development and exposure.

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If you are in Private Lending industry, AAPL is the place for network opportunities, education, resources, and industry exposure.

What Members Are Saying

I became a member because AAPL wants to be synonymous with integrity and ethics in private lending.  I believe my association with AAPL, illustrates that I hold myself to a higher set of standards and operate within a framework that is honest and trustworthy, and in the interest of my clients.  I love this organization, will continue to promote it, and am glad to be part of it.
AAPL is awesome to work with and be a member of. Their support is amazing and have created a community for the industry. Looking forward to working with them on upcoming events and networking.
AAPL has a wonderful group of people that are so personable and professional. I have enjoyed going to AAPL conferences as they are the heart of the private money industry. It’s the best place to learn and meet key players that can help you grow your business!
Noelle Wheeler, Nationwide Mortgage

The AAPL Member Directory

AAPL’s business directory lists individuals or corporate companies from around the country. Listings include name, location, contact info, web address, social links, pictures, tags and much more.

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