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Strengthen friendships AND an industry!

Help a colleague, friend, or young professional experience the benefits of the American Association of Private Lenders membership. By providing this offer to a future AAPL member, you are creating a savings for both of you!

Give them the opportunity to take advantage of all the great benefits you receive as an AAPL member, while at the same time building your personal growth network to share best practices.

It is easy to do!

  1. Click the Refer a Member button and fill out the form.
  2. For every person you refer that becomes an AAPL member, you will receive a 10% referral fee as AAPLCash.

You can use your AAPLCash toward the purchase of many great AAPL products, including:

  • AAPL Membership Renewal
  • Conference/Event Exhibits
  • Certifications
  • Private Lender advertising

Making the right decisions has its rewards! When you refer a member, they will receive 20% off of any one AAPL annual membership.

It really is that simple to make a difference in a friend or colleague career by showing them how to start their own AAPL journey today!  For answers to any questions you may have about referring a member, including how to use your AAPLCash, contact us at 913-888-1250 or

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