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CIVIC Financial Services Lends Supports to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

CIVIC Financial Services Lends Supports to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

CIVIC employees assemble 1,000 Dignity Backpacks for evacuees at Houston NRG Stadium
Following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Civic Financial Services held a company-wide relief effort to lend support and supplies to evacuees.

CIVIC private money lending headquarters in Redondo Beach, California closed all operations on Sept. 14 to join together and give back to the Houston […]

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Warning: Cold Calls from Elite Expo, Expo Housing, Exhibitors House Services

It has been brought to our attention that there are multiple companies contacting our sponsors, claiming to represent the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) offering “assistance” with registration and hotel bookings.

Three such reported companies that are aggressively cold-calling and spamming companies whose names have appeared on pages are Exhibitor Housing Management (EHM / and Exhibition […]

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Crowdfunding and Self-Directed Retirement: A Union of Investor Empowerment Vehicles

Crowdfunding has a key role in democratizing the investment arena by exposing regular people to new asset markets and by giving small companies new ways to raise necessary capital. Previously, prospective investors may have sought ways to get in on the ground floor of the “next Apple,” but the sizable task of sifting through available […]

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What Crowdfunding Can Teach Us About Corporate Social Responsibility

There are few things that can truly influence and touch almost every facet of a business and its stakeholders. There are even fewer aspects that have the power to change the mission and reputation of an established enterprise or new startup company. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of those factors, a phenomenon impacting every […]

Raising Money Locally with Rule 147: An easy and cost-effective strategy

The problem with raising money usually comes in three forms:

Advertising issues
Accredited investor issues
Cost issues

Under Regulation A, you can solve #1 and #2 by qualifying an offering with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). However, it can be costly, time consuming, and still leave problem #3. Regulation A also doesn’t make sense if only […]

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The State(s) of Cannabis

The Unites States is entering into its seventy-eighth year of cannabis prohibition. It is a violation of federal law to distribute cannabis throughout any place in the Unites States. It is estimated the national cannabis black market generates more than $30 billion in untaxed and unregulated sales annually. The industry, the federal and state government […]

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Understanding Online Real Estate Lending as an Investment Strategy

Investors are always on a quest to grow capital while minimizing risk. Available options for investors looking to grow their capital include stock investments, debt products, or leaving their cash in checking and savings accounts to earn minimal returns. But as average profits from residential flips reach all-time records, investing in residential real estate remains […]

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American Association of Private Lenders announces its new Education Advisory Committee

American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) is pleased to announce the formation of its new Education Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of five current members: Corey Dutton, Private Money Utah; Chris Ragland, Noble Capital; Andy Williams, Recon Realty Inc.; Erica LaCentra, RCN Capital; Jeff Levin, Specialty Lending Group; and one ex officio position, Nema […]

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Trust Deed Investments: Know more than your brokerage

Trust deed investing has long been misunderstood by investors and is often labeled as an “alternative” investment. Trust deed Ponzi schemes, like those pushed by the infamous Dan Holbrook of San Diego, took many investors for a wild ride leading up to the Great Recession. Further tarnishing the image of trust deed investing. Investment blogs […]

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Finding the Right Mix of Capital Sources to Fund Real Estate Investment Projects

The fix-and-flip industry reached a new high in 2016, with 6 percent of all homes sold, officially designated as fix-and-flips. All of these projects create billions of dollars in capital demands each year. Demands that are especially well-suited to and met by the private lending industry. For lenders, having the available capital to fund as […]

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