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AAPL knows there are various reasons why growing and running a business can become difficult. From compliance to workload, forming partnerships in the private lending world becomes a necessity.

Choosing the right partnership involves a very vivid assessment of your needs. We would never want you to risk prosperity over the possibility of future conflict.

That is why we partner with influencers and organizations who share the vision of reshaping the real estate finance industry – it’s not a focus on bringing you the ‘next big thing.’  Our partners also want you to be viewed as viable alternatives for borrowing and investing.

Our goal is to provide you with a variety of ethical and experienced partners who can you solve your individual challenges, as well as address challenges throughout the private lending industry.

To help propel your growth –  as well as provide advantages to our trusted partners – we provide direct and effective access to our members who have voluntarily dedicated themselves to upholding a standard of excellence.

AAPL is constantly looking for new partners who can benefit our members.

Our partner programs do more than raise your company’s visibility, they allow you to target a niche market directly and provide a platform to grow your credibility. Below are the many ways to we can work together to create win-win scenarios:

Strategic Partner Discount Partner
Display Logo on Partner Page
Launch Sales by Offering AAPL-Exclusive Discounts
Displayed on the Members-Only Discount Page and publicized through our sphere of influence
Send Email Blasts 2x Annually
Receive Discount on Print and Digital Advertising
Build Credibility by Providing Regular Educational Content
Print or Digital
Present Webinars for Direct Interactions
Promoted to Members & Subscribers


We view partnerships as more than trades-in-kind: our partners share our commitment to service, integrity, and drive to become an industry-influencing catalyst for growth. Ideally, partners should meet as many of the following criteria as possible.

  • Be an AAPL member.
  • Support our strategic goals to foster awareness, promote best practices, and enforce the industry’s only Code of Ethics.
  • Relate directly to the professional activities of members and their business needs.
  • Help publicize AAPL as the lending professionals resource to assist in achieving greater visibility.
  • Provide members with a quality service or product at a savings above and beyond what is made available on the open market.
  • Be able to track participation and usage.
  • Commit to maintain regular contact with AAPL regarding new offerings, updates on member usage, primary contact personnel changes, and any other changes that may affect the relationship.

How to Partner

AAPL offers no cookie-cutter partnerships – our goal is to build lasting relationships of mutual benefit and growth. If you have questions prior to applying, please reach out to us at

  • Applications should be submitted via e-mail at
  • AAPL staff reviews each application to determine uniqueness and ensure it meets expressed member needs. This may include discussion with appropriate members.
  • If all parties are in agreement with the terms and conditions discussed, then a written agreement is drafted and signed.
Strategic Partner Application
Discount Partner Application

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