Advertising Overview

In order to remain competitive today, a multi-platform approach is essential when delivering your marketing messages. Your media plan achieves top strength when it reaches out to your clients where they live, with an integrated program maximizing the best of both traditional and digital. Your successful media marketing campaigns will deliver not only what a prospective customer wants, but when they want it, and how they want to view it.

Our team will work with you to customize your media strategy- within your budget and capabilities – and choose the strongest channels to get your goals achieved.

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Advertising Policy

Our goal is to serve relevant industry ads that do not violate the user experience.

We strive to uphold the following advertising practices:

Values: Advertising content should reflect our values which include: integrity, morality, humor, and partnership.

Trust: We avoid advertisers whose products or services are predatory.

Safety: We follow the highest standards and only work with trusted advertising networks to reduce the risk of advertising viruses, adware and malware.

Users & Advertiser Experience: We do not allow advertisements that are designed to intrude, encroach or invade the users experience without user action or permission.

We recognize that we are not perfect and we invite our members and other users to help us follow our advertising policy!

Digital Ad Information

Download AAPL’s Digital Ad Specifications are available in the Media Kit

Download AAPL’s Digital Media’s ad policy

We have several partners and connections. Let us help you get connected with advertising opportunities that will help you boost your exposure and gain more traction for your business.

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