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Meet the Government Relations Committee

Our Government Relations Committee members are the “first responders” when it comes to tracking legislation and prioritizing, strategizing and executing advocacy efforts. The GRC is the arm by which we fulfill our advocacy role to:

  • Serve as a unified voice for the private real estate lending profession;
  • Impact state and federal legislation/regulation/policy where it affects our profession;
  • Provide a platform for AAPL members’ participation in the democratic process;
  • Educate and inform public policy makers, influencers, and citizens with its specialized knowledge and expertise.

This 2019 – 2021 inaugural committee consists of three AAPL team members as Committee President, Vice President and Secretary; and eight AAPL members as First Chair, Legal Chair, Ex-Officio and five Officers. We appoint these volunteers to two-year terms and encourage applications at any time. These applications may be considered for the GRC or ad-hoc sub-committees.

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Linda Hyde, Vice President
American Association of Private Lenders

Kat Hungerford, Secretary
American Association of Private Lenders

Chris Ragland, First Chair
Region: TEXAS+
Noble Capital

Matt Gunter, Legal Chair

RCN Captial

Nema Daghbandan
Region: WEST

Geraci LLP, AAPL’s general counsel

Cort Chalfant, Officer

Nexus Private Capital

Edwin Epperson, Officer
Vertical Fund Management

Mike Fallot, Officer

MM Lending, LLC

John Tedesco, Officer

Appraisal Nation

Regional Legislative Monitoring

To better monitor regional legislative activity, each GRC member has a designated “watch” zone. The Watch Zones are outlined visually below; check out each member above to see which region they are assigned to. Contact the GRC for questions and comments on legislative activity at

Ready to get involved?

When it comes to representing the needs of our members in the halls of state and federal legislatures, we need your help. Apply to be considered for ad-hoc committees and/or future GRC roles, or sign up for legislative updates to stay in the loop.

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