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We have partnered with Wall Street housing and financial research firm Zelman & Associates to launch the private lending industry’s first and only benchmark data survey. This quarterly survey – which launches April 2020 – will gather key data on everything from origination volume to loan terms and foreclosure rates.

Respondents will gain access to aggregate reports from the AAPL/Zelman Private Lender Survey and Zelman’s most popular report, the Housing Market Overview. This benchmark data will provide respondents with a statistically-relevant and ongoing view of our industry’s trends and forecasts for the first time –ever. The survey is open to private lender owner-operators and c-suite level executives.

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About the Survey

Each quarter, Zelman will email the registered respondent a unique link via which the respondent answers the survey questions. The survey typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete when the respondent has the data at hand, but requires specific information as it relates to the respondent company’s origination volume, loan terms, foreclosure rates, etc.

The survey is open to any company involved in private and hard money lending, pending approval by Zelman & Associates. Only one respondent per company.

When you sign up, Zelman will send you the latest version of their most popular report, the Housing Market Overview, as a thank you.

For consistent and complete participation in each quarterly survey, participants will receive access to Zelman & Associates’ quarterly Housing Market Overview, which pulls from all Zelman research; and aggregated results from the AAPL/Zelman Private Lending Survey.

For the AAPL/Zelman Private Lending Survey, depending on the number of respondents it may take several quarterly surveys from the April 2020 launch before the data gains statistical and reportable relevance.

AAPL will furnish your survey signup information to Zelman & Associates. We will not otherwise use or track your signup information, except on an anonymous and aggregated basis, unless otherwise require by law, rule, regulation or order.

Zelman & Associates shall not make any information received in the signup form or surveys available to any unaffiliated third party other than:

  • On an anonymous and aggregated basis,
  • As required by law, rule, regulation or order, or
  • As requested by any exchange, governmental, regulatory or judicial body.

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