Influence begins here.

The Influencers is an invitation-only AAPL membership comprised of elite private real estate lenders and industry stakeholders. Members meet throughout the year at exclusive events; two-day experiences that immerse attendees in a work-hard, play-hard mindset.

As an Influencer, you will:

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Events to plan your year around.

Creating revolutionary change both individual and industry-sweeping requires singular focus, drive and energy. The Influencers balances boardroom-essential brainpower with invigorating downtime designed to entertain, unwind and further cement deep connections between members, speakers and special guests.

  • The boardroom is goal-driven, fast-paced and never stale. You will not sit through long presentations and sales pitches for yet another business tool.
  • Networking dinners and local excursions are thoughtfully planned, incorporating member interests and the occasional bucket-list item.
  • Influencers events will be some of the more challenging events you attend, but also the experiences you most look forward to.

Membership. With Teeth.

Influencers membership is a membership with teeth — promising to mastermind the business, market and legislative issues that keep you up at night. Our members combine their wealth of knowledge to solve not only the problems of today, but identify and tackle the industry’s next major challenges.

Real influence is within reach. This is your chance to take it:

  • Focus on both internal business workings and broader industry issues, hitting every pain point.
  • Advocate for lender-friendly state and federal legislation through direct contact with legislative professionals.
  • Prioritize opinions, create strategy, and plan tactics to align public policy with the best interests of all AAPL members.
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