Essential Marketing for Private Money Lenders


About this webinar Corey Ann Dutton, MBA, is a private money lender, founder of Private Money Utah, and member of AAPL's Education Advisory Committee. Corey will share four essential marketing tactics for private money lenders that will help you become more visible.

Learn About LendingWise


About this webinar Work smarter, not harder. All you need is the right turnkey CRM and LOS software platform designed specifically for private lending. LendingWise works with lenders and brokers of all sizes, helping streamline entire operations.

Learn About DealKeeper


About this webinar DealKeeper is a cloud-based loan origination and servicing sofware system for real estate investor loans. The platform integrated and automates every step of a loan life-cycle. Contact, document submission tracking and approval, servicing, invoicing and company performance metrics seamlessly flow on the platform. DealKeeper was designed to [...]

Learn About The Mortgage Office


About this webinar See how private lenders across the globe have dramatically leveraged The Mortgage Office technology to drastically grow their businesses. Featured presenters A.J. Poulin and Elizabeth Morales will show you key industry insights, cutting edge features, and why The Mortgage Office is so popular. From initial loan application [...]

Control your Investments with Technology and Systems


About this webinar Are you an investor or lender who does five or more real estate deals every year and are looking to scale your business? Discover how to use the right technology, systems, and processes to get real-tie, vital information form your borrowers and contractors. Join Abhi Golhar, Summit [...]

Lending: The Investor’s Perspective


About this webinar In this webinar from Abhi Golhar of Summit & Crowne, you'll learn the investor's perspective on lending, real estate deals and more. Beyond the basics, you'll see real case studies and learn about the tech involved. Learn what works Execute a winning strategy Dominate your next deal [...]