AAPL’s Emergency COVID-19 Virtual Meeting

/AAPL’s Emergency COVID-19 Virtual Meeting
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About this webinar

It’s easy to feel isolated and out of touch when large portions of the populace are sheltering-in-place, businesses are closed, and the economy is at a near-standstill. We know, because we’re feeling it too. So we at the American Association of Private Lenders and Geraci LLP want to show you our love by bringing the private lender community to you.

This video contains much-needed private lender market intelligence and business best practices. Subject matter experts from these fields will each provide a 3-5 minute update on “the thing you need to know right now,” plus additional questions from live event’s audience:

  • Eddie Wilson – CEO, American Association of Private Lenders – AAPL Resources
  • Nema Daghbandan – Partner, Geraci LLC – Legal Issues
  • Kevin Kim – Partner, Geraci LLC – Legal Issues
  • Beeta Lecha – Principal, Spiegel Accountancy Corp – Accounting
  • Josh Youngblood – CEO, Alfred Tech – Technology
  • Dina Kroshkin – SVP Client Services, Complete Loan Sourcing – SBA Specialist
  • Seth Davis – Senior Director Mortgage Warehouse Lending, Western Alliance Bank – Banking Outlook
  • Rocky Butani – Founder, Private Lender Link – Loan Origination/Brokerage Issues
  • Mike Tedesco – CEO, Appraisal Nation – Appraisals & Valuations

Want more resources to help you manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Check out our COVID-19 Resource Page

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