AAPL Emergency Meeting: Guidelines for Forbearance Requests

/AAPL Emergency Meeting: Guidelines for Forbearance Requests
AAPL Emergency Meeting: Guidelines for Forbearance Requests2020-04-14T22:08:05+00:00

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The mortgage lending industry is being inundated with requests for payment deferrals. For conventional mortgage lenders, there are best practices and requirements in place requiring payment deferrals for needy borrowers. The private lending industry is generally not regulated, and mortgage lenders and servicers are looking for guidance on how to approach this wave of payment deferral requests. The non-conventional lending industry needs a coordinated and cohesive response right now.

– Understand how to manage the flood of deferral requests.
– Understand what your legal rights are as private lenders versus regulated consumer lenders.
– Receive best practices on how to manage requests and understand when you should defer payments.
– Understand how to communicate your decisions and strategy to your investors.

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